Currently a principal data scientist at State Farm. Previously worked as a senior data scientist (AT&T). In my current role, I have developed proprietary recommender systems from end-to-end, reduced claims cycle times using text analytics, and used unsupervised learning techniques to identify internal security threats.

Obtained my MS in Business Analytics from the McComb's School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and my Bachelor's in Psychology from Texas A&M University. My masters capstone (thesis) project involved developing a bespoke visual analytics platform for Boeing.

I enjoy building robust & actionable machine learning models to help my business partners, and useful & reusable software tools to help my fellow data scientists—check out some of my projects (in the navbar above).

I am a recovering R user and now zealously proselytize for the cult of Python.

When I'm not writing machine learning models & software at work, chances are I'm writing code for a side project at home. Some of my more notable side projects include an auto-ARIMA library for Python, an an extensive clustering library for Java.

I am an avid weight lifter, foodie, home chef, and craft beer connoisseur.

If that elevator pitch didn't really do it for you, you can always check out my my resume.